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Ecology - Modern exhaust gas cleaning systems!

At all costs, we protect the air that we ourselves constantly breathe. Therefore, we have introduced a two-stage exhaust gas cleaning system

For the sake
of nature!

We reduce nitrogen oxide by dosing urea in two CENTAURIO towers, and we limit the release of dust through a bag filter in the reactor. This means that pollutants larger than 20mg/Nm3 do not escape into the atmosphere. We have also installed bag filters that contribute to lower energy consumption in production and do not negatively affect the workers’ hearing. We are very committed to maximizing the reduction of harmful substance emissions while simultaneously reducing energy consumption.


We operate in accordance with BAT standards.

*BAT (Best Available Technology) – according to the IPPC directive, it is a standard used to determine the emission levels for larger industrial facilities in the EU. The primary goal of BAT is to propose emission limits that reflect the appropriate balance between benefits and costs. The emission limits must apply to those pollutants that the facility will produce in larger quantities.


We haven’t forgotten about
the heart of our glassworks.
The most important features of the furnace:

An innovative heat recovery system, which allows for: Heating the air necessary for gas combustion. Heating the reverse flow system, which enables the removal of exhaust gases from the furnace through non-catalytic nitrogen oxide removal by injecting ammonia or urea. To protect the soil, we have decided to dig our own artesian well, which also helps protect us from fires.

We are part of
the EU ETS system

We belong to the EU ETS system, which involves setting a cap on the total emissions of certain greenhouse gases emitted by installations covered by the system.
Over time, this cap is reduced, leading to a decrease in total emissions.

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