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Dekorglass - Inspiring Design and Quality Manufacturing

Dekorglass stands as a premier decorator and manufacturer specializing in high-quality glass bottles. With years of expertise and a dedication to infusing elegance into a wide range of products.

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The company’s market recognition is a result of its continuous commitment to achieving excellence in bottle design, production, and decoration.



From the very beginning, our primary objective has been to deliver top-tier products that align with customers’ expectations in both aesthetics and functionality. Our dedicated team of experienced design and decoration specialists passionately craft distinctive patterns and techniques, imparting individuality to each bottle.

Our range encompasses a broad array of glass bottles, spanning classic and refined to contemporary and daring designs. Our focus on diversity enables us to cater to the diverse needs of various industries and clientele.

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Whether you require bottles for storing premium beverages, fragrances, or other luxurious items, we offer tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

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When you choose to collaborate with us, you can rely on a professional and fully committed approach to executing your projects. Our company has earned the trust of a wide range of global customers, serving as a testament to our quality and unwavering dedication.

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Explore our website to discover a comprehensive catalog of our products and find inspiration for bottle decoration.