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The hardest part is getting started. Which glass grade should we choose?
What capacity? What height?

If you don’t know, just write to us:
When we read your message, we’ll direct you to the right Implementation Specialist.
This person will talk to you in detail and keep in touch with you throughout the production process.

Jak wygląda ten proces?

1. We start with the design. You have two options:

A. You can use our standard products.

How is a standard product created? Our specialists do research to choose the optimal bottle shape. For example, they check out the offer of our competitors and find out which bottle shapes sell the best. When we design a bottle, we also look at it from a decorator’s point of view. We design its shape in such a way as to make your product unique, even when the bottle itself is standard. In this case, the customer does not pay for the mould.

B. You have your own design.

Our specialists will examine your drawings and determine whether we are capable of making your bottles. In this case, you need to pay extra for the mould.

2. The next step is bottle calibration.

We prepare a prototype of your bottle. At this stage, we check how the glass is spreading. We determine whether the design requires any changes or improvements.

3. We prepare a cost estimate.

4. Project acceptation and production

When you accept our standard designs, we begin fully automated production.

5. Quality control

Every batch of glassware undergoes strict quality control tests.

6. Decoration (optional)

We can also decorate your bottle.

7. Logistics

We deliver the glassware to you.

Szczegóły procesu wdrożenia mogą się różnić w zależności od specyfikacji wdrożenia.

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