Borders? I’ve never seen one.

But I have heard they exist in the minds of some people.

Thor Heyerdal

We have decorated glass bottles for 25 years.
The idea to open our own glassworks was born a few years ago.
We knew all of the demands of bottle decorating, its limitations and requirements.
We decided to turn it into our trump card and consider
the founding of a glassworks from a decorator’s point of view

How do you design a shape which can be covered with original decorations later on? How do you refine glass? How should we pack it so as to deliver the highest quality products to our customers? It is said that everything has already been invented, so what should we focus on to make a unique product?

Coming up with the right shape has a few stages. But without the right modern machines, even the best projects will never see the light of day. Before production started, our design engineers looked carefully at our competitors and decided to go for state-of-the-art, automatic technologies.

What are we proud of?

The most important things in a glassworks are the tank furnace
and the glass furnace. Our glass furnace has an output of
200 tonnes of glass a day.

We have 3 automatic glass forming machines with single, double and triple gob systems,
which makes combined production possible. What does this mean?
We can produce two glass containers with different shapes but similar weights and heights at the same time.
It significantly lowers production costs and speeds up the whole process.

Glass quality is very important to us, so we have 5 latest generation, quality monitoring machines.

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