Packaging has a huge value and importance. Advertising and marketing specialists, customers, designer, they all already know it! Each day clients are searching hundreds of shelves in aim to find the perfect product. Packaging is a crucial part of our consumer being. Well-designed is a key to the successful brand. We are often tied up to the package which represent the product.

Good packaging is a challenge for designers, marketers and brand owners. It must face not only a strong competition, but above all, customers’ requirements and expectations which are getting higher and higher. Nowadays you have to realize that low price no longer determinate demand. Currently even daily use products are packed with designer chic. The role of packaging became a strategy!


Taking into account all these aspects, we meet market expectations and we are constantly improving our service. In response to your needs, our service is expanded by consultancy of design and support of glass purchase.


It means that in addition to standard services related to decorating, such as the design for the bottle, and technology, performance modeling, we also offer creating a new project, based on the submitted guidelines (brief), altering projects vector graphics. At this stage 3D visualizations are helpful, they are essential, visual tool for contact with you.

Every small change, ex. color or logo placement is possible to replace in just a few seconds. Thanks to that, we gain TIME very valuable in today’s realities. With visualizations, the final physical modeling proves to be more accurate. We decided to shear with you with years of experience in the packaging industry. Therefore, we offer not only professional consultancy in the field of selection of shape, but above all the quality of the glass. Going one step further we mediate in glass purchase, also from 2016 we also have our own standard bottles of cosmetics.



The packaging is what sells the product! Let’s use its potential!

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