We have only one Earth, and its future depends on each, seemingly small,
choice of action, which depends on all of us.

Florian Plit

Nowadays, we have to be very careful not to degrade the condition of our planet.

We are aware of how many people tend to direct their attention first and foremost to large enterprises and see them as responsible for the poor state of the natural environment. As a glassworks, we do not want to and cannot evade responsibility. We care for the well-being of the nature that surrounds us, so we have implemented a range of means to counteract any negative consequences which could be brought about by the operations of an enterprise as large as ours.

Modern exhaust purification systems!

We want to protect the air we are breathing at all cost.
This is why we have introduced a two-stage combustion gas treatment system:

  • we reduce the emission of nitric oxide by dosing carbamide in two CENTAURIO towers
  • we reduce the production of dust thanks to a bag filter with a reactor, which means that contaminants larger than 20 mg/Nm3 are not released into the atmosphere
  • we have also installed bag filters which make production less energy-intensive and do not have a negative effect on our employees’ hearing.

It is very important to us to reduce the emission of harmful substances as much as possible while limiting energy consumption.
We operate in accordance with BAT standards.

*BAT (Best available technology ) – in accordance with the IPPC Directive,
it is a standard used to determine emission values for larger industrial plants in the EU.
The overriding objective of BAT is coming up with such emission limit values
which will reflect the right balance between the benefits and costs.
Emission limit values apply to those pollutants which a given plant will produce in larger quantities.

Tank furnace

We have not forgotten the heart of our glassworks: its tank furnace. It has:

  • an innovative heat recovery system, which enables us to:
  • heat air needed for gas combustion
  • a reversing system, which makes it possible to evacuate combustion gases from the furnace by means of non-catalytic removal of nitric oxides after the injection of ammonia or urea.

To protect the soil, we decided to dig our own deep water well. It also protects us against fire.

We participate in the EU ETS system – which is about introducing a cap on the total amount of greenhouse gases that can be emitted
by all participating installations. With time, the cap is lowered, which means that total emissions decrease.

*The EU emissions trading system (EU ETS) is a cornerstone of the EU’s policy to combat climate change,
and its key tool for reducing greenhouse gas emissions cost-effectively.
It is the world’s first major carbon market and remains the biggest one.

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