10 12.2020

Lunatic Lover Rum

Lunatic Lover Rum is undoubtedly one of the most difficult implementations of 2019. Its difficulty lies not only in the technological aspects, but above all in the optimal selection of the bottle, the precise decoration of its elements, so that the whole is consistent with the concept that has been presented to us.

During the first stage of our design considerations, we focused on choosing the right bottle. The client chose a Little Sumo bottle, which despite its undoubted class and quality, turned out to be extremely difficult to use in this project. Why? First of all, because of the huge amount of curves. The bottle is ambivalent, its cross section is neither completely square nor completely round.

The client dreamed that the bottle would resemble the shape of the head. There was nothing else for us to do but do good research. Fortunately, the Bruni Glass company introduced several new products to the market and among them we found the right bottle – perfectly matching the assumptions of the project. BINGO! The bottle with the proud name KINGSTONE – was the one that our client also liked. One problem was solved, but that was only the tip of the iceberg 🙂

A great difficulty of this design are the elements placed very high on the bottle, reaching the contours of the bottle neck. This area is always beyond the reach of standard screen printing and unfortunately digital printing was not very good solution either. So there were two options left – manual application of the decal or the use of laser etching. We rejected the first technique for several reasons: time-consuming, price, but above all, the precision of the applied elements, which had to fit together perfectly.

So lasering it is! But even that was not a simple challenge. Problematic were small elements of the pattern, how to fit them together and how to place them. To obtain the final and intended effect, we decided to use a two-layer painting – the laser only removes the outer layer of varnish, thanks to that it beautifully reveals the bottom layer. By doing that, we have obtained a unique color combination that meets the expectations of our client. We also had a wild ride with choosing the color, because the one obtained after lasering is the effect of painting, the one on the front of the bottle – the main logo –  is the effect of screen printing, so matching the colors was not an easy task.

What was the additional difficulty? the weight of the bottle alone – 900g! with a capacity of 700 ml and no positioner in the bottom. We had to position the print not mechanically, but with a photocell.

The resulting effect seems simple and minimalist – a true masterpiece. However, for those familiar with the automatic decoration process, this is a really extremely difficult experience. However, we will insist on saying that it was worth it! We love to implement such unusual products. We thank Lunatic & Lover Botanical Rum for their trust!

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