08 03.2022

BUH Vodka

Spirits from smaller distilleries are more and more boldly outlining their presence in the Polish market. They bravely fight large monopolists and attract customers with their history or very original and daring products. They show to big brands that a well-prepared idea and its bold, but also thorough execution is the main factor that guarantees success. It is no different in the case of the Tenczynek Brewery and their new product, which we had the pleasure to co-create – BUH Vodka.

BUH Wódka, as the Tenczynek Brewery says itself, is a new product of the famous trio, which includes Janusz Palikot (a businessman who has specialized in the alcohol industry for years), Kuba Wojewódzki (journalist and showman), and Tomasz Czechowski (businessman involved in the development of the beer brand Artisanal Doctor Brew). BUH branded products are various types of alcohols containing dried hemp. According to the maxim: “Talk only the topics you know”, as decoration specialists, we will talk about the decoration process because we do it best, leaving the  distillate quality and ease of consumption for you to check!

Our cooperation in the production of BUH Vodka was the result and a continuation of an earlier project, which we also created for the Tenczynek Brewery – BUH Okovita. A professional group of graphic designers preparing the vodka project made it much easier for us to work on the bottle. Careful thought over every detail of the decoration led to a very quick launch of the product on the market. The customer knew perfectly what they wanted and how it should be presented on the bottle. Knowledge of our company, multiple visits to our Showroom and talks with the Marketing Department made the implementation process much easier. The decoration was supposed to be minimalist, but stand out from the competition. The tinting of the neck itself to a transparent green on and long (as for vodka bottles) shape gave a funny, characterful form. The marketing department of Tenczynek Brewery, told us that what matters on the label is the play with words and a kind of abstract humor in choosing words and their perverse meaning. Thanks to these measures, pouring vodka has become a pleasant ritual.

BUH Vodka is a perfect example that an eye-catching decoration that stands out from the competition does not have to drip with splendor and very complicated decorative techniques. In terms of production, there are only two basic decorating techniques: transparent varnishing with a transition to clear glass and three-color screen printing. In this project, the focus was definitely on quality, not quantity. The idea for a product, and then its exact implementation, is a determinant of the brand’s success. The BUH Vodka project should also be an incentive for smaller brands which, for fear of costs or a complicated implementation process, do not cooperate with Dekorglass. No worries! Our marketing department will prepare a product visualization adapted to your requirements. We can help with any project!

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